7th July - Tanabata Festival

Tanabata Festival is celebrated nationwide with people writing their wishes on strips of colored paper or origami, which they attach to branches of bamboo trees or float down rivers and streams. According to Chinese folk tales this is one day that the separated lovers, Altair and Vega, can meet across the Milky Way.
Sendai's Tanabata festival is probably the most famous but it is held on August 7th. In Tokyo, the Shitamachi Tanabata Festival is held from July 7th to 13th near Ueno Station on Kappabashi Hondori street. A 1.2 kilometer section if road is illuminated with bamboo ornaments representing the Milky Way. There are a number of events including dancing, drumming, marching bands and a flea market.

  • 7th July - Tanabata Festival   7th July - Tanabata Festival

  •   七夕まつり(京都・高台寺)